Photo session on the poppy field. Advertising, fashion photographer Dima Cube Moscow, Europe
Fashion photo shoot on the rocks in Crimea
Photographer Dima Cube
Wedding photo session in the Crimean cave
Fashion photo session on the coast of the rocky sea Crimea, Spain, Malta
Фотограф Дима Куб
Photo shoot for a magazine on the poppy field Russia, France, Montenegro
Photographer Dima Cube
Photo session in the poppy field Crimea
Фотограф Дима Куб
Stylish photo session in the poppy fields of Crimea
Фотограф Дима Куб
Fashion photo session in flowers Moscow
Photoshoot on the beach in fashion style
Photographer Dima Cube
Editorial Campaign in the Rocks Moscow
Fashion photographer Moscow, Russia, Crimea
The model stands against the background of rocks in a beautiful dress
Artistic photography on the rocky shore of the Black Sea