Egon Schiele

A hundred years after the death of the amazing Egon Schiele, rereading thousands of articles about the young genius, through millions of copies of postcards to all familiar drawings, it is difficult to interpret his work in a new way, without hesitating about stereotypes and clichés. The nerve lines for which the artist was famous will have to be unraveled for a long time and for more than one generation, and it is primitive to talk about his contribution to the concept of “norm”. Yesterday we talked about the aestheticization of diseases and human vices, and today — about the sex appeal and elegance
of the ugly.

Text: Vladimir Bordoque

Art director/ producer / ph: Дима Куб
Style: Vladimir Bordoque
Model: Роман Якубсон
Muah / Hair: Екатерина Рачева
Аssistant: inst: @lexus_29@outer_space77